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GRC project for HK MTR

    Founded in 1980, GRC began its days as an industrial equipment importing/marketing firm with full integration of application engineering and system implementation services. With a particular emphasis in environmental protection, and manufacturing processing applications, we provided our solutions in waste water treatment and chemical processing system to chemical plants and oil refineries.

    In the early 90s came the rise of Taiwan’s semiconductor fabrication and design industry. Subsidized by the government, Taiwan began its push to establish its own Silicon Valley. GRC took part in this revolution as pioneers in offering environmental protection solutions to regulate waste emission to satisfy the stringent policy of emission regulation. GRC has delivered more than 100 projects to this date.

    At the same time GRC also expanded its organization to develop railway signalling engineering capabilities in anticipation to Taiwan ’s eventual need to implement a mass rapid transit system to facilitate efficient inner city traffic distribution. GRC has committed itself to provide exceptional excellence in railway engineering since the very first metro line in Taiwan to every rapid transit project that followed. Today,
GRC operates in Taiwan,Hong Kong,Vietnam and Bangkok. In total,

GRC has serviced 9 mass rapidtransit networks in Asia with a combined distance of 650km single track length.

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    General Resources Company, in practice for over 35 years, is an industry recognized expert, specializing in E&M engeering,large-scale project management and solution marketing.

    Our multi-disciplinary practice is built on the core values of professional excellence, service quality and collaboration. Our goal is to provide optimum total solution for our clients, the community and the environment. We are proud to have been a part of major infrastructure projects and we continue to pride ourselves in establishing long-term relationships and good rapport with our clients.

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35 years in the industry

GRC has been in the industrial engineering industry for more than 30 years of which, 25 years was in the railway engineering industry. Having seen the industry go through its peaks and lows gives us an excellent insight into what truly works and what simply doesn’t.

Proven Track Record

Having played a pivotal role in the success of various major infrastructure projects, GRC has a clear and proven track record of delivering results when they matter the most.

Global Clients

GRC has been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the best known companies around the globe. This wealth of experience plays an invaluable part in achieving greater results for our clients.

Recognized Industry Expert

Years of achievement together with continuous delivery of professional excellence has earned us a reputable place within the industry.

All Round Knowledge

Having had hands-on experience with most aspects of a sizeable project life-cycle, GRC is able to advise our clients and recommend solution which work from all angles.

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